Ieri ho completato 27 anni, e sono contentisimo, sto bene, amo la mia famiglia e la mia fidanzata ma da il 1 di Gennaio provarò di essere meglio con una sfida a mese.  Per Gennaio il primo gruppo è stato fatto, vi prego dai un occhiato in comments sulla pagine Groups 4 Charity. Team Jordan, grazie 🙂 Adesso tocca te

Yesterday I turned 27 and I’m very happy, I love my family and my girlfriend but from January 1st I’m going to try to be better by doing a challenge a month.  The first group for January has been created, please have a look in comments on the Groups 4 January page.  Team Jordan thanks:)  Now it’s your turn .

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This is it!!

So here is the first blog of the year a little early.  A brief outline of January’s Resolution Challenge.  Check out Challenges month by month for a full brief of all the challenges that will be done in 2011.

Month: January
Name: January Resolution
Type: Online
What you do? 1) Create a group with your friends.
                             2) Decide on a New Year’s Resolution
                             3) Decide who is going to sponsor who (sponsor amount per completed week is £2.50)
                             3) Write a comment on the blog saying: Team Name, Members names, Resolutions
                             4) At the end of the month multiply the number of succesful weeks by £2.50 and pay the donation into the account fo challengeforcharity.
                              5) Celebrate – well done. 
Follow the progress of the challenge here  all year:
And here from the 25th December to 31st January:
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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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